Lauren Kiel

General Manager for Climate and Sustainability initiatives, Bloomberg Media

Lauren Kiel is the general manager for climate and sustainability initiatives for Bloomberg Media. She is also part of the Bloomberg Live editorial team, and director of the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summits. Lauren has worked since 2016 on Bloomberg’s Sustainable Business programs, which bring together senior leaders in sustainable business and sustainable finance across the world for conversations on how sustainability connects to the global economy. Lauren previously lead the editorial and programming strategy for Bloomberg Industry Group’s annual live journalism conferences and managed editorial for Bloomberg Government events.

Prior to joining Bloomberg, she was a member of the editorial team for The Atlantic’s live journalism division, AtlanticLIVE. There she led content development and speaker recruitment for more than a dozen events and conferences per year, including the CityLab conference for mayors and city leaders.

Lauren holds a bachelor’s degree in History and Literature from Harvard University and a master’s degree in English: Issues in Modern Culture from University College London.