Marta Sulkiewicz

CEO, Gemius GmbH

Marta Sulkiewicz is a marketing and media measurement expert with nearly 20 years of proven track record in the sector. Since 2015 in Gemius – European research and technology company. Currently, as a Board Member, she is responsible for building and executing the company’s global growth strategy, along with introducing newest solutions for cross-media and cross-silos measurement on two strategic markets – the United States and Germany (as Chief Executive of Gemius GmbH). Before, she supervised sales of Gemius services for EMEA markets and managed the product development process of gemiusAdReal – an IAB & MRS awarded study allowing for comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the competitors’ advertising strategies across media and across walled gardens. Experienced as leader of the IAB working groups, as speaker on international conferences (e.g. Interact by IAB Europe, I-COM Global Summit, planung&analyse Insights, DAIS Congress) and as a member of industry events’ Program Boards.