Jon Puleston

Vice President of Innovation

Jon Puleston is a VP of Innovation at Kantar and one of the most acclaimed market researcher working in the industry today, he and his team have won over 50 international awards for their ground-breaking work pioneering research methodology across the fields of  media, advertising, brand, political, health and BtoB research.

He is best known for work into the gamification of surveys and exploring how to design surveys that engage respondents more effectively.  He has also undertaken research and published papers exploring the science of prediction, how to improve cross cultural research, how to use linguistic more effectively in research, survey optimisation techniques and how to get more truthful responses from people taking part in research.

He has pioneered new research methods for better evaluating adverting, testing new products, conducting marketing segmentation, idea generation & predicting election results.

In recent years he has conducted a review on global political polling methodology examining data from over 30,000 polls gathered from 70 countries which was published by ESOMAR and undertaken more broader research examining the impact of information addiction and social influence is having on society for the MRS.

In 2019 he was awarded the Market Research Society Grand Prix for his work in collaboration with the Ogilvy centre for behavioural science that investigated how to more effectively measure personality.

He serves on the ESOMAR professional standard committee which establishes global professional standards for conducting market research.