Tom de Ruyck

Managing Partner, InSites Consulting

Tom is a Managing Partner at InSites Consulting (one of the world’s most innovative marketing consultancy and consumer research firms) where he is responsible for innovation and advising global brands (IKEA, Heineken …). He is also teaching as a Professor at different business schools in Europe and on the board of several (industry) organisations.

Tom is an expert in understanding and collaborating with consumers, creating consumer-centric-thinking organisations & preparing organisations and their employees for a future full of technological change, societal challenges and tremendous business opportunities.

He is co-author of ‘The Consumer Consulting Board’ and published over 70 white papers, articles in academic journals, business books and trade magazines. Besides that, he is an influential blogger and tweeter (@tomderuyck).

Tom was awarded for his work many times, amongst others by the American Marketing Association, ESOMAR and the CMO Council USA and Asia.

Tom gives more than 100 keynote speeches, workshops and in-company presentations every year.
He has spoken in 40+ countries and on 6 continents at major business, marketing, technology and research events.